To get an extra ZNAPS Adapter with your pledge, please follow the instructions at the end of the page. 

Let’s make charging easier! ZNAPS is a simple yet perfect solution to prevent frayed charging cables, tripping over cable resulting in smashed phones, pointless fiddling to plug in cable in the dark, water damage through charging outlet, and more! This innovative magnetic charging adapter will make your life just a bit more convenient.

Pledge Calculator
Pledge Calculator


*Now shipping is included in the Pledge Calculator.

Thank you!
Thank you!


ZNAPS does not discriminate.  It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, an iPhone user or an Android user, as long as you’re a mobile device user, ZNAPS is for you!

Everyone needs ZNAPS!

We wanted to make this familiar mundane everyday action just a little quicker and more convenient for everyone. So no matter what you’re doing, ZNAPS is right there for you.

ZNAPS supports charging process as well as data synchronization and it’s designed for both Lightning cable (iPhone) and Micro-USB cable (Android).

Znaps is compatible with any device charged with a micro-usb port or a lightning port.

Not only does it provide reversible plugging for Micro-USB, ZNAPS provides many other awesome features to protect your smartphone.

ZNAPS is a minimalist’s dream come true and perfect for those who love to accessorize. Thanks to our specialized micro-connector, ZNAPS is so small it will fit into any custom phone case so you don’t have to ditch your favorite phone cover.

*some cases with protective flap on the charging port might not be able to close with Znaps in place.

Thank you for the awesome support, guys! We really couldn’t have made it this far without the pledges of this amazing community.  We really hope you like our new stretch goals! 

Please note: if the USB-C reward tier does become available, the ship date would increase by 2 to 3 months for that reward only (other reward ship dates are not affected).

Pledge Calculator
Pledge Calculator

We want to be transparent on how we spend the funds from our supporters. Here is a projection of how the funds will be spent:

ZNAPS is a simple idea, but we believe it can impact the world in a BIG way. We’re a new start up so that’s why we need your help. All it takes right now is a pledge on Kickstarter.

Please help us spread the word via the [Share this project] button above and get an Extra ZNAPS ADAPTER for your pledge with the following steps:

1) Send us the Screen Cap Image or the Shared Link to: hello@znaps.net 

2) Include your Kickstarter User Name with Subject «I have shared»

**This is offer does not apply to ZNAPS-C adapter**

I am sure some backers missed our team intro down in the comments section. But since our team still hold full time jobs, it is not convenient to publicise everyone as of this moment. But as for myself, (Phiona) I have already reported to my Company I am doing this. As this campaign is ending soon, we are in process of switching to work on ZNAPS full-time. This is so we can continue to deliver ZNAPS and all future accessories.

Our team has three core members and a fourth member from the manufacturer.

Phiona Leung (Business) Financial and business background with 2 years’ experience working in information technology

Brian Chan (Design) Product design background and has spent the past 6 years working on several projects with manufacturers in

China Martin Cheng (Technical) Electrical Engineering background specializing in circuit board design with 10 years’ experience

James Lam (Technical, manufacturer’s side) Electronic Engineering background with 20 years’ experience in manufacturing in China


 Please follow us on Twitter: @ZnapsNet 


May as well follow us on Instagram: znapsnet


Risks and challenges

With a product that is this minimal with very intricate tiny parts, the main challenge is quality control. Thus, we have gone through great lengths to choose our manufacturing and supply partners very carefully, to ensure they are well equipped to handle a project of our tiny size. Another challenge is the size of our order. With a larger order, the cost will be minimized. However, the manufacturing time will be lengthened and the tooling will have to be a higher quality as well. That is a balance we will monitor very closely or we will have delays to the shipping schedule. If that were to occur, we will always keep all backers up to date and in the loop, as we understand the importance of communication and we really want to share this entire experience with you all.

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